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Your career as a federal employee should not be jeopardized by employment law violations. You deserve to be treated with integrity and respect. Our attorneys can go to work for you.

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Employees of any enterprise are protected by employment laws. This includes employees of the federal government. When claims arise, however, federal employees must undergo particularly complex legal processes — processes that are notably different from average employment law claims.

If you are a federal employee who needs support in employment law issues, make sure you work with a lawyer who understands the unique regulations and processes that will accompany your case. Your case will depend on it.

Our firm offers the skill and knowledge you need to get results. Contact us at Southworth PC in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Handling Discrimination, Harassment, Disciplinary Action And Other Claims

Our firm is dedicated 100 percent to protecting the rights of federal employees. We defend our clients against disciplinary actions, guide them through the proper claims processes and represent them in hearings before agencies, commissions and boards.

We handle cases that involve:

  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Our clients come to us while experiencing the symptoms of a hostile work environment. Whether you are currently facing discrimination or harassment, or have been bullied into quitting your job because of these factors, let us know. We can help you file a claim and get results in your EEOC case.
  • The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB): When federal employees stand up for themselves and make their voices heard after wrongful conduct at work, they sometimes end up the subject of retaliatory discipline. If your work performance is being evaluated and you are facing disciplinary action, or you are struggling with Federal disability and retirement concerns, make sure your employee rights are protected. We can stand up for you.

We Know How The Other Side Thinks

We have seen firsthand the measures that federal agencies use to defend against EEOC complaints and defend their actions before the MSPB because we have career experience in employment law defense.

These are entities with significant financial and legal resources, as well as an intimate understanding of the complex legal processes that accompany such claims. Make sure you have the same caliber of legal representation on your side as well. With more than 300 cases under our belt, we can help.

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Photo of Shaun C. Southworth with a staff

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Personal service makes a difference to you and to us. We are most effective when we can work one-on-one with our clients through every stage of the legal process. Let us work with you.

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