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Danielle Pareja

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Danielle Pareja serves as a Paralegal at Southworth PC and brings significant legal experience. A Juris Doctor candidate, Danielle also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the Technological Institute of the Philippines, graduating in 2018. Her broad exposure has not only enriched her understanding of the legal field but also deepened her commitment to service—a value she holds dear.
Before joining Southworth PC, Danielle honed her skills in a variety of roles. From drafting legal briefs and assisting with client interviews at Abramson Labor Group and Cloudstaff PH to managing complex case files at Staffvirtual, her paralegal journey has been both diverse and enriching. Danielle’s experience also includes working on contractual reviews for RR Donnelley and providing essential legal administrative support at Anytime Fitness Asia. Her tenure at Industrial Deafness Australia Legal further underscored her dedication to high-quality client service.

At Southworth PC, Danielle is known for her deep appreciation for the law’s complexity and her eagerness to assist clients in navigating its intricacies. She values the firm’s commitment to professionalism and excellence and thrives in its collaborative environment.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Danielle is deeply interested in the exploration of the human mind and spirit. She immerses herself in the study of philosophy and psychology, seeking to understand the nuances of human existence and consciousness. Danielle’s unique blend of global legal experience, commitment to service, and quest for personal and professional growth make her a valuable asset to the Southworth PC team.