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Appealing Adverse Personnel Actions Before The MSPB Or EEOC

Are you a federal employee facing a suspension, demotion, denial of within-grade-increase, transfer, or — even worse — removal? Have you received a notice of proposed removal, or have you already been removed? If so, then our MSPB attorneys might be able to help.Our experienced MSPB attorneys can help federal employees fight adverse personnel actions. These actions may include denials of within-grade-increases, transfers, suspensions, demotions and removals. Our MPSB attorneys challenge such actions by filing appeals on behalf of federal employees nationwide. We file the appeals before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), as provided for by federal law. This law provides the MSPB can overturn or reduce adverse personnel actions in many cases – and for many, but not all, federal employees.

An agency’s adverse personnel action may be overturned or reduced if an agency cannot prove its allegations against you, has imposed too harsh of an adverse personnel action or has denied you due process, or many other factual or technical legal reasons. For the reasons, our MSPB attorneys follow the decisions of the MSPB closely, so we can aggressively represent our clients.

We can also help you challenge such actions as improper because they are based on improper characteristics such as race, sex, age, disability, religion, whistleblowing retaliation, et cetera. If an adverse action was based on one of these protected characteristics, then it could very well be overturned. You might also be entitled to other damages.

When You Should Contact Our MSPB Attorneys: As Soon As Possible

We cannot help many federal employees who fail to contact us in time to file a timely appeal or informal EEO complaint. Deadlines are usually only 30 days, or sometimes 45 days. Thus, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced MSPB attorneys for a free consultation as soon as possible, even if you are concerned the deadline might have recently passed. Simply call 888-899-7284 or send us an email to get started.