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Case Results

Although each case is different, and outcomes vary based on numerous factors including the facts of the case, here are some of our recent successes for our EEOC and MSPB employment lawyers against the Department of Veterans Affairs, United States Postal Services, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and others:
  • Near half-million-dollar settlement secured in a retaliation case.
  • Federal career reinstated; five years’ back pay, attorney’s fees secured; disability discrimination case won.
  • Six-figure settlement achieved in reasonable accommodation case.
  • Wrongful removal case resolved with a near six-figure settlement.
  • Six-figure settlement in sexual harassment, retaliation case.
  • High five-figure settlement post-MSPB reconsideration request.
  • Five-figure settlement, reasonable accommodations in a disability case.
  • Case settled before trial; over $200,000 won for client.
  • Six-figure settlement in probationary wrongful termination case; record cleansed.
  • Six-figure settlement won in wrongful termination, discrimination case.
  • Six-figure settlement in MSPB disability discrimination appeal.
  • Wrongful termination case settled for six figures.
  • Removal record cleared, five-figure settlement secured.
  • After challenging the OPM decision at MSPB, disability retirement was granted.
  • Probationary client reinstated; damages, attorney’s fees won; combated racism, retaliation.
  • Rejected six-figure offer; job restoration achieved.
  • High five-figure settlement achieved in wrongful termination appeal.
  • Five-figure settlement achieved in involuntary retirement case.
  • Five-figure settlement for race-based civil rights lawsuit.
  • Removal rescinded, full back pay, attorney’s fees awarded.
  • Five-figure settlement for sexual harassment case.
  • Significant settlement increase in federal court litigation.
  • Nearly six-figure settlement after intense litigation.