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In the United States, federal employment laws for federal employees govern hiring, wages and workplace discrimination among many other things. At Southworth PC our experienced labor and employment law attorneys have offices in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. They have the knowledge and experience to help clients nationwide with a wide range of federal employment law matters, and even represent many DOD employees worldwide. We can help federal employees wherever they are located.

What Is Different About Federal Employment Law for Federal Employees?

The country’s federal employment laws establish minimum standards for employee rights and disputes in the workplace. Federal employment laws govern employers throughout the country. However, many of these laws are different for federal employees, and in a dispute with the federal government, having attorneys who know the federal sector and it regulations intimately can make all of the difference. Plus, workplace disputes often turn on the details of the workplace and the federal workplace has different rules from the Office of Personnel Managment (“OPM”) and other sources. Having an attorney who already knows many of the rules is helpful to you.

Southworth PC Can Assist With A Wide Range Of Federal Employment Law Matters

Different government agencies are tasked with enforcing the federal employment laws for federal employees. Our experienced federal employment lawyers can assist with various claims and the appropriate filing agencies, such as:

Federal employment claims for federal employees can be complicated and have strict filing deadlines and requirements. Our experienced federal employment law attorneys can help make sure that the claims are filed correctly and within the appropriate deadlines.

What Rights Do Federal Employees Have?

Federal employees have the right to work in a safe and harassment-free work environment. They also have the right to a fair workplace, free from discrimination because of race, color, national origin, disability, religion, sexual preference or gender identity. Federal employees have a right to confidentially report information regarding wrongdoing or corruption without fear of retaliation. Federal employees also have the right to challenge adverse employment action like a suspension or discharge. If you think your rights as a federal employee have been violated, our federal employment lawyers can help.

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