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Irene Francisco

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Irene Francisco serves as a Paralegal at Southworth PC, bringing her unique background in film and theater to her legal work. She earned her bachelor’s degree in film from the University of the Philippines Diliman, during which she was part of a team that managed several film premieres in the Philippines and interned with a multi-awarded filmmaker. Her experiences in these roles honed her attention to detail and ability to handle high-pressure situations, skills she effectively translates into her legal work.

Before becoming a part of Southworth PC, Irene honed her skills as a legal and business researcher for several companies, where she developed a deep understanding of intellectual property laws and business exploration. As a paralegal, she derives a great sense of fulfillment from aiding clients throughout their legal processes and providing indispensable support to attorneys to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Outside of her professional life, Irene enjoys photography and writing, hobbies that further sharpen her observational and storytelling skills. She also appreciates the arts, often visiting museums and attending film and theater productions when she has time.

Irene’s personal mission in her legal work is to always choose to help when in a position to do so. This philosophy, coupled with her unique background and skills, makes her a valuable asset to the Southworth PC team.