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Here is what our clients are saying about our MSPB lawyers and employment attorneys:

Got my job back and more

I would like to start off by sincerely thanking Shaun Southworth and his awesome team over at Southworth PC. These wonderful people include Shaun Southworth, Terina Williams, Ronica Scales, and Shanna Goodwin; played a major role in fighting and winning my case. The way they structured things made it affordable for me.

I just wanted my job back over money, and Shaun Southworth and his team at Southworth PC got me just that, my job back.

I got my job back, back pay with interest, the agency agreed to pay attorney fees and everything was made retroactively in reference to my employment. I never had any doubts in Shaun and his team. I trusted Shaun, I came to realize that Shaun stood for something, he was a man of excellence and good character, and he really wanted to help if he was able to. I do not ever know how I can repay Shaun and his team. I started out speaking with attorneys and ended up with Great friends, and if anyone is reading this that may need the service that Southworth PC provides, I would highly recommend that anyone go talk to my friends over at Southworth PC, they are the dream team, and they are not just attorneys, they are humans that actually care.

My Best Interests At Heart

After conducting an extensive search for an attorney, I became a client of yours, the Southworth PC. It was an extremely difficult time for me as I was being subjected to harassment and retaliation. As a high level supervisor with the federal government, who had represented management in many employment issues, I thought I was well equipped to manage the daunting tasks. I became quickly overwhelmed. I was thankful I did not have to carry the burden myself. The firm was responsive to me and attentive to every detail of my case. I always felt you had my best interests at heart. The firm was able to identify and capitalize on issues that I overlooked. I hope to never have to go through something like this again, but if I did I would not hesitate to call you again and would highly recommend you to others without reservation.

Toe-To-Toe With Agency Counsel In A Smooth And Calm Manner

Your firm was on point with legal research and analysis. I would not have been able to get here without your legal representation. During the hearing, Mr. Southworth realized immediately what the Agency was trying to do and went toe-to-toe with opposing counsel in a smooth and calm manner. He asked the right questions to show the violations of the law. I appreciate that you have been here to take the stress off of me, and I feel I could leave everything to you and not worry about it. Thank you!

Process Was Easy

Completely satisfied with services. Everything was done timely and I enjoyed working with Southworth PC. Process was easy from start to finish and I didn’t have to worry about anything because the attorneys handled everything. I would recommend Southworth PC and use their services again.

Very professional and excellent representation

I would tell prospective clients if you feel you have been discriminated against or harassed or unjustly treated, and you have a case, it would behoove to follow through with the process. It might be long, but it will likely be worth it. The treatment I got from the firm was fair. They were tough and asked probing questions and got to the root of the problem. It was very professional and excellent representation.

Victory in my case

Mr. Southworth was professional, courteous, and very attentive when dealing with my case. Within an hour of my email to his firm, I was contacted by his staff and spoke to him that day. They worked through the financial aspect quickly and within a week my appeal was on its way. The staff remained in constant contact and ensured that I remained comfortable throughout this process. During the hearing Mr. Southworth was poised and unforgiving under even the most intense exchanges. His steadfast approach definitely helped us walk away with a victory in a case that felt as though all the cards were stacked against me. After contacting multiple firms, I can without hesitation say that I am glad I chose them.

Best in the Business – Five Star Rating

Attorney Southworth and his staff was very courteous and professional. Attorney Southworth is very trustworthy and responsive. He listened to and valued my input. He works hard to make sure employers are held accountable. I highly recommend the firm of Southworth PC to anyone seeking justice for the wrongs of their employers.

Highly Effective Attorney – Five Star Rating

I highly endorse Shaun Southworth; he is a very professional lawyer and has achieved a tremendous success in my delicate case. Mr. Southworth has very good interpersonal and excellent people skills. Highly recommended.

OMG Thank you so much attorney Southworth!

Good Morning Attorney Southworth,
It gives me so much great pleasure to write to you this morning. … You just don’t know what yesterday meant to me to see [the Agency taking various actions to remedy a hostile environment].
… As soon as I walked in I was approached to [make arrangements to get my reasonable accommodation!] THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and God be the Glory! …
Victory, I actually saw yesterday! … I appreciate you and thank you for sticking by me and I just think you are AWESOME! I am so glad God sent you my way! I know I still have a way to go but yesterday spoke volumes!
Have a blessed Day!

Thank you! I got my job back!

I am a federal employee and I was wrongfully fired, allegedly for sexual harassment, which was not true, and I believed it was discrimination. At first, I contacted another lawyer and gave him a brief statement on my claim, and he charged me $200.00 just to hear about my case. I did not like the way he came across to me, so I got on the internet and found Southworth PC in Atlanta, GA. The way they are set up truly amazed me. The moment I contacted them online they respond back to me. I told them a little about my case, and then they set me up with me up a 15 min. phone interview free. I liked their attitude and how they worked the fee out. They went right to work on my case and set me up to what he was doing for me, even though I lived on the other side of the country. They are very experienced and know the law. It felt like we were in contact just as though I was in their office because of their online client portal, truly a good way to deal with them one on one. Anyway, because of the work they put in for me, I got my job back and back pay! Thank you Southworth PC.

Set the Stage for the Settlement Agreement

I wanted to seize this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for all you have done for me. Your preparations for the hearings paid great dividends because your line of cross examination on the RMO was so impressive that even the presiding Judge knew how well prepared you were that ultimately stunned the agency attorney.

I like, commend, admire, appreciate your legal minds, skill sets you have. You used them to meticulously attack the agency ‘s methodology in the employees’ evaluation process, and as you meticulously pointed out the biased and / or wrong approaches to employee evaluations process where using coaching notes were not part of the evaluation criteria, yet the agency tried to use it as a base to terminate my 20 years of employment with the federal government. This, in all intent and practical purposes set the stage for the settlement agreement.

Great Lawyers but Even Better People

I wanted to personally thank you guys for everything that you have done. You kept encouraging me to keep going even when I was unsure I was able to. You guys are great lawyers but I think even better people for all the hard work that you do. I know we still may face an appeal but the decision from the judge and how he saw through all the deception from the Agency was all I wanted and you got me that. I could never thank you guys enough.

Guidance and Support Every Step of the Way

I wanted to say thank you so much for taking on my case, working with me, and bringing the case to a close. Having your guidance and support every step of the way was invaluable, and you navigating me through the latter portion of the process helped elevate some of the burden and stress I felt. Although the Agency never ‘admitted’ to ‘wrong doing’ and the outcome wasn’t what I initially hoped for and asked from the Agency, settling the way we ultimately did with them was validating and satisfactory since I’m leaving them anyway. I’m happy we got the result that we did from them. I know you did everything in your power to get me to the outcome we did, and I am so very appreciative. Any lingering dissatisfaction I have rests solely with the Agency and how they responded every step along the way. You have been awesome.

I hope everything has been going well with you. Thank you, again, a TON!

Thank You for all you do

I want to stop and say Thank you for everything you are doing and for helping us with the case. I want to thank you for all you do and the paperwork we went over was really good.

Awesome Job

I read it, and it looks great to me, awesome job with that, thoroughly addressed every aspect of their frivolous motion. Thanks!

We Trust Your Firm

We trust your firm and we appreciate all the work you put into it. I am really pleased.

Always Very Thorough

Thank you greatly for your distinct attention to detail.  Your messages/communication are always very thorough. Thank you!