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Washington D.C. Federal Employment Law Attorneys Representing Clients Worldwide

At Southworth PC, we are proud of our reach. From our Washington, D.C., office, we represent federal employees throughout the United States and across the globe. Our attorneys have defended employment law clients for over a quarter century.

Our firm operates on four key values. We are:

  • Client-focused: We put the interests and needs of federal employees above all else.
  • Compassion-minded: We are mindful of our clients’ challenges and treat them with the care and empathy they deserve.
  • Results-oriented: We are strategic and skilled, and we strive to win.
  • Truth-based: We are honest with our clients and transparent about their cases’ progress.

Our employment lawyers can help federal workers with the following matters:

  • Federal employment law: We assist federal employees with workplace and benefit concerns.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issues: We file EEOC claims for victims of workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and help them handle the appeals process if needed.
  • Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) issues: We protect federal employees facing disciplinary issues and help them determine whether these are based on merit.
  • Office of Special Counsel for Whistleblower Protection (OSC) issues: We stand up for the rights of whistleblowers who have exposed wrongdoing in the federal government.

If you are a federal employee seeking to protect your livelihood, do not delay in contacting us. We will help you.

What We Focus On At Our Washington D.C. Law Firm

At Southworth PC, our sole focus is on federal employment law. Federal employees are sometimes governed by different rules than private sector employees are, and they often have specific reporting practices for workplace issues. We are knowledgeable about these unique issues, and our experience allows us to offer federal employees skilled representation.

We work primarily on cases involving the EEOC, MSPB and OSC. We guide federal employees through the EEOC complaint process: we help them file their claims, support them through hearings and manage their appeals. We also defend federal employees who have experienced – or are facing – discipline, investigate whether the discipline was due to adverse agency action and assist them in filing appeals to the MSPB. And we partner with federal whistleblowers to file complaints with the OSC if their employers have taken measures against them for exposing wrongdoing.

Where In Washington, D.C., Are We?

Our Washington law office is located on K Street, two blocks north of The White House. We are a 10-minute drive and a 20-minute Metro ride from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. We can be accessed from both I-66 and I-395.

The following landmarks are near our office:

  • Farragut Square
  • Franklin Park
  • McPherson Square
  • Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum of Art
  • Treasury Building

Enlist Us In Your Fight For Justice

Protecting your status as a federal employee is paramount when workplace issues arise. The lawyers at Southworth PC, are ready to stand up for you and your career. To arrange an appointment with us, call 888-899-7284 or send us an email.

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