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Want Help With A Federal Disability Retirement Application Or Appeal?

Many federal employees are eligible for FERS federal disability retirement if the onset of a disability prevents that federal employee from providing efficient federal service as to an essential function of their job.

There are further eligibility requirements, including at least 18 months of Federal civilian service under FERS, an expectation that your disability will last at least last one year, certain certifications from your Agency regarding its inability to accommodate you, your application for separation from federal service, and your application for Social Security Disability benefits, though you do not have to receive such benefits. In fact, many people are eligible for FERS federal disability retirement, but not for Social Security Disability.

Generally, such disability retirement provides valuable benefits for qualified federal employees. It generally provides for the payment of wages, including limited gap coverage until the federal employee reaches retirement age, at which point the employee retires under the federal system.

The FERS Federal Disability Retirement Application Is Very Important And Valuable

Our federal employment attorneys can help federal employees with the FERS federal disability application process to decrease the chances of application denial.

We can also help negotiate the Agency’s assistance with such an application.

Additionally, we can help assemble the application, including working with the medical providers, and drafting necessary statements to show the federal employee is disabled under the law, including recent decisions by the Merit Systems Protection Board. For instance, a key part of the application is the employee’s statement showing they are in fact eligible for FERS federal disability retirement. We can use our knowledge of the law to assist with the statement.

We can also help appeal FERS federal disability retirement applications that have been denied. Initial federal disability retirement decisions are subject to review by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). We can help with this review. If the decision by OPM is still not satisfactory, then certain matters may be appealed. For instance, in some instances, the individual may appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board under procedures prescribed by the Board. However, the basis of the Appeal can be quite complex. Our federal disability retirement attorneys would be happy to offer you a free consultation if you believe you have been wrongfully denied federal disability retirement.

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