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Southworth PC Obtains OFO Reversal: EEOC Requires Agency to Investigate Claims

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Federal Sector EEO, Firm News, Reasonable Accommodations in the Federal Sector |

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Recently, federal employment attorneys Shaun Southworth and Georgia Lawrence secured a victory before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Office of Federal Operations.

In the case, the Agency had dismissed the entirely of our client’s disability discrimination and reasonable accommodation claims which were stated in five parts. Southworth PC secured a complete reinstatement of all five parts of our client’s disability-related claims.

The OFO found our client had properly asserted the Agency constructively denied him a reasonable accommodation request through delayed processing of his claims and that the other actions outside the normal window of what would be timely should not have been dismissed because they were sufficiently related to the other claims such that collectively all of the claims constituted a single claim of ongoing discrimination harassment/hostile work environment.

“This case really shows why people need good attorneys even if, and especially when, they have good cases. People need attorneys who understand the process and intricacies of law and know how to protect their client’s rights even when an organization attempts to take advantage of the individual,” says Associate Attorney Georgia Lawrence.

If you are a federal employee and want to know if we can help you with a potential disability-related claim or other claims before the EEOC, please feel free to contact our attorneys today.