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Settled: Southworth PC Settles Another Disability Case

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Federal Sector EEO, Firm News, Reasonable Accommodations in the Federal Sector |

Southworth PC attorneys Shaun Southworth and Georgia Lawrence recently settled another disability discrimination case for their client.

“Our Client had been working with his federal employer for over a decade and requested reasonable accommodation a few years ago. Since then, his agency failed to provide him a reasonable accommodation even after he submitted sufficient medical documents from his health care provider to substantiate his need for the accommodation. To make matters worse, the department that handles these requests failed to communicate with our Client; failed to provide proper provide a status updates; and tried to challenge the wording of the documents from his health care provider effectively denying his request. Our Client filed an EEO case based on disability discrimination and harassment and his agency dismissed the case stating that he failed to state a claim, which we challenged. The decision was reversed by the Office of Federal Operation and sent back to the Agency’s EEO for processing. With keen advocacy, we were able to secure a win for our Client. We are extremely happy that we were able to get justice for our Client because too often “big federal employers” get away with injustices because employees are too afraid or unable to help themselves,” said attorney Georgia Lawrence.

Here at Southworth PC, we are client-focused and we would be happy to help you or someone you know who is a federal employee with a denial of reasonable accommodation case.