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My boss just proposed disciplinary action against me. Can you believe it? What next?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Federal Sector EEO, MSPB |

If you are a federal employee who has just learned that someone is proposing to discipline you (for instance, maybe they are seeking a proposed demotion or even to terminate your federal career altogether), you might have some questions. These could include: what should I do next? What sort of evidence should I give them? Not give them? What does the agency have to prove to take this action? How do I show the penalty is too unreasonable even if they conclude I did it because I did do it, or did not do it, or partially did it? What do I do if I believe that this proposal is really based on discrimination, harassment, or whistleblowing reprisal? Should I hire an attorney? What steps do I need to take to protect myself and my family? Should I go to the EAP, otherwise seek counseling, talk to my pastor, or eat a bowl of very tasty but very unhealthy icecream, or all of the above?

These are all great questions. On this blog we cannot answer them (except for the icecream part, see below) because the answers vary based on the facts of your case. We do offer free consultations however. During that consultation we would review your documentation and see if you have a type of case that we would be interested in taking. While we cannot answer the above questions during the consultation or provide you legal advice during the consultation, we would be happy to review your documentation and speak with you to see if it would make sense for you to work with us. We only want to work with people whom we believe can help and who would get a positive return on their investment in the legal fees they need to pay us.

Our firm is committed to our clients, civil rights, and the federal workplace. We would be happy to offer you a free consultation to see if you would be a good fit with us.

In any event, you should take steps to educate yourself. Also, take care of yourself. Now is the time, for instance, to have a bowl of the most unhealthy icecream you want (or indulge in something to lift your spirits). This too will pass; but, for now, you just need to take steps to get through this setback in the best way possible for you and your loved ones. Know there are people rooting for you.